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Dear Customers!


For over 20 years we are working in Photography and Camera business selling on the internet. We have a large audience of buyers, which know us by our ebay stores, moscowphoto and irbis67. Besides U.S. users, our products are very popular among people from all over the world.

Now our team has expanded to 5 people and we opened our own website.. All of them are employed in order to make your purchases simple and convenient. We value and respect all our customers. MoscowPhoto company always follows the principles of quality and honest cooperation with their clients.

We give detailed advice on goods and help to make the right choice. We offer secure payment methods through paypal.

In our online shop you will find a lot of cameras and lenses from different russian and soviet manufacturers. We expand our range of goods and constantly add new products.


What is the advantage of our lenses?

We have more than 10 years working directly with optical plants of the former USSR. When buying large quantities of goods we get good discounts, so we can sell at the lowest prices. In addition, we try to improve the quality of goods sold. Pursuing individual fit and additional inspection before shipment. 
In our own optical shop our masters have the ability to tune the standard factory product. At the request of our customers, we replace the grease in the helicoid lenses with the high-quality grease in order to allow to work in a large temperature range, carry out an extra cleaning of the optical block and the diaphragm.  
If you want to use the standard factory lens for Canon or M42 to EOS adapter,then most likely you are not going to be able to put it on a full-frame camera.

Because of the inaccuracy of default factory bayonet mount, there is a probability of damage to the camera mirror (it touches the clear lens filter). But shooting without filter is impossible,as the filter has a diopter, and without it the sharpness is deteriorating.

Our tuned lenses Zenitar for Canon EOS have specially made high-precision bayonet lens mount, which, unlike the original factory one has no backlash, better fixed on the camera and most importantly allows successfully to use it on full-frame cameras(such as EOS 5D).

Bayonets of our production, as opposed to the (Chromed)  factory default ones, do not give flares, because they have a special matte black finish. These lenses, after new bayonet mounts are professionally installed in our optical workshop, are necessarily tested on collimator to ensure the flange focal distance (FFD)of a lens mount system is properly calibrated.The range of this distance will render an image clearly in focus within all focal lengths.


Why people choose MoscowPhoto?


  • We are very well known on our ebays. More than 15,000 items already sold on ebay !
  • Convenient and quality services.
  • Awarding system for loyal customers. Discounts for bulk or frequent buyers.
  • Prompt shipping within 3-4 days.
  • We ship by registered post that allows the customers to track their parcel.
  • Secure payment with Paypal. No credit card details are disclosed, even to us.